• My little biography !


    Name : Lovatt

    First name : Paul

    Date of birth : 01/07/73 (18 years old )

    Physical aspect : tall,slim, blond, blue eyes.

    School : private school 

    Country : England


    I grew up in a big house away from the city, in England.

    I lived with my parents, David and Harriet Lovatt and my siblings, Luke, Helen, Jane and Ben.

    But the first three had leave home in order to live with other members of family.

    I always felt alone and rejected by my mother who only took care about Ben.

    After that, I was disturbed and forced to see a psychiatrist.

    I never loved Ben.



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  • Me and my grand-mother, Dorothy when I was a baby


    My grandmother was more present than my mother.

    I think that I have no photo with my mother.

    Love you grandma! 



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  • A recent photo of me on holiday


    A photo of me on vacation when I went to Europe with my grandfather James.



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  • My relationship with my siblings!

    I loved play with my siblings: Luke, Helen and Jane. We were always together like a happy family but when Ben was born it was the beginning of the nightmare and particularly my nightmare!

    When he was born I felt rejected because he was a strong baby, he was abnormal and all the family was preocupated by him! Moreover everybody had maked a difference between me and Ben! I remember that in August 1976 Ben hurts me but I think that it was not his fault, it was only because all the family rejected Ben that he was like he was. That's why he was may be revolted. 


    This picture show the lonliness that i feel at the beginning when Ben was born

    by  Cindy Hervé

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  • I made a video which is represent my own family ( video by ciseum56music), but you can perceive that they are also other opinions in this video, it's normal because I have had told my story to a journalist and after, a writer who is called Doris Lessing had decided to write a book of my life! I was agreed with this idea and I thought that it was a good opportunity to denounces problems that can have a family.

    by Cindy Hervé

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